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Friday, November 11, 2011



Can you sell your home in winter, the slowest and dreariest sales season of all?

It may not be quite what you think...............

Follow our top tips to ensure you have the best chance of selling this season.

You can use "seasonal" staging, the reduced competition and some seasonal opportunities to your advantage. You wouldn't necessarily always choose to sell your home in winter, but there are certain extra steps you can take to really help your chances.
Many homeowners pull their houses off the market by year's end if they haven't sold. That's understandable, however it creates less competition for those that are left on the market or just entering the market.  Remember it only takes one person to buy your home.

Here are Williams Hedge top tips:

1. Remember the basics.

Taking care of needed maintenance and repairs is obligatory in any season. A thorough cleaning and getting rid of clutter are equally essential. And tidying up the garden and touching up the exterior appearance to improve the curb appeal also can make the difference between deal or no deal.
In a slow market, nothing counts more than pricing competitively.

2. Warm and cosy.

Home staging -- techniques used to make your house look bigger, brighter, warmer and more appealing -- takes on a new focus in winter. To convey a cosy impression in winter, it may well pay you to turn up the thermostat and have a fire roaring especially if it is an open fire or woodburner. It will give you a definite edge over the many vacant, unwelcoming and cold homes on the market.
"If you have a vacant house in winter with the heat turned down or off, chances are someone will make a very low offer"

4. Good lighting is essential.

Your home may appear darker due to less daylight. Fight the gloom. Turn on all the lights possible for visitors - this is no time to worry about the electric bill. Open blinds, curtains and remove nets to let natural light pour in. Make sure to clean any windows to maximise light.
We will encourage showings during high-daylight hours. Showing after work in the dark isn't a great idea. However if light is failing ensure all lamps are working and add a timer control if necessary.  Remember buyers will still have a drive by - make sure outside lights are all in working order.

Generally speaking buyers at this time of year are more committed, there are less viewers "just taking a look around".   Our generally mild climate means that sales are more consistent all year round.  It is often sellers perception that determines when they market not our actual business levels.  December is the month when the fewest sales take place but this is due to the holiday period not the weather and season.

We hope our tips are of some help.  For further information call Mark or Jon on 01803 554322


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